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Expert wallpaper installation in Mooloolaba

We believe a good paint job is all about finding the right colours, textures and styles to ensure that your space reflects who you are and complements your individual style. When you are a business, it’s vitally important that your premises and interior spaces present the right impression of your company to prospective clients and customers.

Whether you are looking to freshen up and redecorate your home with expert wallpaper installation or you want a complete makeover of your office, FC Pro Painting has all the skills and experience to get your job done with exceptional results every time. We have the team and resources to handle any job, no matter how big or small, for customers across residential and commercial sectors.

Superior painting and decorating services

We offer incredible quality painting services, expert knowledge and first class customer service, all at very competitive rates.

  • Professional painting services – Interior and exterior work
  • Full preparation and repair work
  • Advice on design, style, materials and colours
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Textured paints
  • Feature walls
  • Variety of decorative finishes
  • Graffiti removal


For more information on any of our services, our friendly team is always available to answer any questions you might have, but here are answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently:

What paints and materials do you use?

We only use quality products in everything we do, from our paints and materials right through to our brushes and tools. This helps us to achieve the quality finish we are known for. We use internationally renowned Dulux paint and premium materials to fix, prepare and protect the surface. However, if you would prefer we use a specific brand or product, please let us know and we’ll accommodate any preferences and requests.

Can you finish a job faster if it is urgent?

Yes. We try to be very flexible for our customers and offer an after-hours service where necessary. We pride ourselves on giving accurate estimates for the time we will take to finish a job but, if for any reason you need the work to be done faster, we can work overtime and even weekends to complete the project as soon as possible.

How many coats do you apply to the surface?

If it is a new surface, it is our standard practice to apply an undercoat followed by 2 topcoats. If the surface is pre-painted, we apply 2 topcoats. This extra application provides the quality finish we are known for, but we discuss all aspects of the project with customers and can apply extra protective coats wherever required.

Do your paints have strong fumes?

We normally use water-based paints with low fumes, which can be eliminated simply by opening windows. We can also use environmentally friendly 'eco-paints', which are very low in volatile organic compounds (fumes) and, therefore, perfect for customers with allergies or for use in jobs where there might be children present.

Which is better: oil-based paint or water-based paint?

Water-based paints are safe and low in VOC's (fumes) but last as well as oil-based paints. Weathershield and Solarguard are both trusted brands, which are used to last longer in Australian weather conditions, and both are water-based. Oil-based paints are tougher and more durable and perfect for use where the paint is susceptible to marks and scratches, or in areas of high humidity, such as in a bathroom with no window.

Does a feature wall cost more than painting all walls in the same colour?

This depends on the type of feature wall required. For example, if you would like a broken effect, special textures, or a metallic effect, your feature wall may take longer to complete and the actual paints needed may be more expensive than regular paints.

If I have cracks, holes and peeling paint on my walls, do I need to call a plasterer before I call you?

No! FC Pro Painting is able to repair and fully prepare your walls and surfaces for our paint. We will discuss and consult with customers on what needs to be done at every step of the project.

Can the project be completed in stages?

Absolutely! FC Pro Painting offers a fully flexible service because we understand the needs of our customers. If you have various tradesmen doing different jobs on site, it may be that only one room is ready for us to work on. Or maybe the cost of a full job is too much in one go? We are happy to complete projects in stages as required.

Is FC Pro Painting qualified and licensed?

Yes, we are fully licensed and qualified, and all of our painters and decorators are fully trained to Certificate 3 in the nationally recognised painting and decorating qualification.

Do I have to pay in advance?

No! We provide free and accurate quotes and just take a deposit before we start work. We then agree on a progressive payment plan, so neither the customer or FC Pro Painting need to worry about financial issues, allowing us to concentrate on completing the job to our high standards.

For quality painting and decorating services at affordable prices, call FC Pro Painting on 0420 467 570

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